Our favorite airline companies

Between bad press and complicated pricing, book a flight is often a nightmare… To make you an easier life, we have selected an arsenal of good companies to book your flights safely and at the best price !


Emirates is often presented as one of the best airline companies in the world and at Nouvini it’s been a while we believe in it. Emirates airline gets over 400 awards for the safety, cabin service and many others criterias.

Singapour Airlines

The Singapore company is also known and recognized for its high customer service’ standards. At Nouvini we recommend their warm welcome. Did you know that the hostesses of the company Singapore Airlines won awards for their outfits ?

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways made the gamble to invest in the quality of life on board for all passengers while maintaining attractive prices. And it’s a winning bet ! The company has thought everything till the last detail : ultra-comfortable seats, space to move in the plane, suitable brightness…

Another plus : at Nouvini we particularly appreciate their selection of over 155 movies that helps to pass the theft really quickly !

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