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Because a trip takes time to prepare, at Nouvini we know that the traveler experiences is important for you. Where did they go? How? What they liked/disliked? At Nouvini we really love these adventurers because they have a love and passion for travel we share too. That is why we thought you would certainly love them as well. We present you our favorite globetrotters.


My Travel Diary – Parnashree

My Travel Diary is not just a travel blog with travel stories, but this is the space which gives you a glimpse of those remote corners of India, and inspires you to discover more about yourself. It will give you enough reasons to come out of your comfort zone to explore this unexplored  world.

About her : A girl who loves taking the road less traveled, is drawn to new experiences and cultures, enjoys never ending conversation with the locals and feels a constant urge to explore the beautiful world. Discover the Parnashree world!

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