Our Favourite Accomodations

There are differents kind of hotel : cosy, luxurious, atypical, amazing or just simple… Of course, you know that it is really personal to select your perfect hotel. However, we know some hotels which make the difference : have you met them ?

The Saint Regis

The vegetation is lush around the Saint Regis Hotel. There is a wonderful beach which extends as far as the eye can see…

NB: we love the tropical bar on the beach & especially their cocktails!


Bed&Chaï is a quiet and comfortable Guesthouse. The most here: they are working in partnership with ESCIP NGO, which teaching quadriplegic people how to live an independent life. So, if you stay here you will enjoy a pleasant stay and also take a breakfast in the NGO’s living room where they can meet the occupants… Good for Karma, good fo you!

Manvin’s Hotels

Manvin’s Hotels is one of the most admired hotel in Panjim. For the  man on the street it looks like any ordinary hotel. But once inside, you are simply overwhelmed. Come to discover it !

Oriental Residency

Located in the famous neighborhood of Bandra in Mumbai, Oriental Residency is not a simple hotel. It offers customers a typically Indian real living experience in the heart of the liveliest area of the business capital of India.

Madhuban Hotel Jaipur

The Madhuban Hotel welcomes you in the heart of the Pink city and capital of Rajasthan; Jaipur. In a typical decor of old haveli, the Pathan family takes you on a trip to the kingdom of Maharajas.

Bonus: a large garden and a swimming pool ideal for hot days!

Coconut Creek – Houseboat Kerala

The houseboat is a prime tourist accommodation in Kerala and is also called “Kettuvallam” is Malayalam, the official language of the region. Kerala Houseboat Stay makes you embark aboard this real houseboat for an amazing discovery of backwaters; you will spend a magical night with all the comforts of a real hotel. A must to do/to stay in Kerala.

You can also stay on land in a lovely guesthouse in Kumarakom, in an idyllic setting on the edge of a channel; magic moment of relaxation!

Coconut Lagoon

The Coconut Lagoon is a huge and nice villa located along the backwaters canals of Kerala where you will live an intense experience, 100% immersion! Juste 10 minutes by boat from Kavanatinkara, the hotels exudes the way of life in Kerala; accommodation, food, activities… Everything is done to make your stay a total immersion in the land of coconut trees.

Ganpati Guest House

Ganpati Guest House is a small and quality hotel, ideal for travelers looking for authenticity in Varanasi. Located in the heart of the city, along the ghats of the Ganges, it’s a really quiet place. The location is ideal to reach all the sight to discover in the city.

The Tree of Life Resorts

The Tree of Life Resorts is a collection of resorts and lodges very quiet, away from the crowds and touristic travels. Accommodations are spacious and were built in compliance with environmental sensitivities. With The Tree of Life Resorts team, hike in the hills, discovers benefits of yoga and meditation, share your meal with an elephant… Simply amazing!

Black Berry Resorts

The word “co-existence” is at the centre of all they do. The Black Berry Resorts team care for every little divine creation of Mother Nature and they strive to learn more about nature and to spread awareness about it.

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